The CTV AUTOMATISMI VIGILANTE Srl, can boast 50 years of Italian production with the guarantee of the continuity of the characteristics and the quality of the accessories for the technical interior curtains.
Founded in 1968 by Mr. Vigilante Vito to whom were added the sons Michele, Antonio and Edoardo, continues the production on 5000 square meters and distributes its products on the Italian and international markets.
The strength of the company is that of autonomously carrying out research, development, production of molds, molding, warehousing and shipping thanks to the internal organization in which there are dedicated areas such as technical office, precision mechanical workshop, molding presses, storage warehouse and area. of loading.
All this allows the rapid fulfillment of orders thanks to the considerable stocks.
In recent years, in addition to our lines, of which also patented, we have become official producers for world-renowned companies thanks to the seriousness and punctuality that distinguishes us.